Photography is about creating high quality images, expressing myself, constantly learning, sharing my images my knowledge and my skills with others and constantly striving to perfect  my art. From an early age I had a fascination in natural history, birds in particular. This led me in to photographing and documenting nature.  I saw the potential and beauty of photography and decided to pursue it seriously 7 years ago.
Over that time I have developed my skills in a wide variety of subjects.  I enjoy all aspects of photography and work on many styles including portraits, wildlife,  landscapes and abstracts.
I see photographs in every location and am constantly thinking of where the next shot and the next will come from. 

Achievements & Publications 

Small world winner


Small World Winner 2016 


Winner of small world category in the Outdoor photographer magazine competition 2016.  There were 17,000 entries from all over the world, from professional and amateur photographers.  This image is of a blue anenome om my balcony.



Shortlisted for Outdoor Photographer of the year 2016 


Shortlisted for the wildlife insight section of the Outdoor photographer of the year competition.  This image was taken on a 3 day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru.



Runner up in flowers & plants competition for Outdoor Photography Magazine Autumn 2017 


This was a flower and plant themed competition in which I was runner up and was featured in the autumn edition of the magazine. This is a love in the mist flower taken at my family’s allotment.