I can deliver talks about a variety of photography related subjects.  My style is informal, interactive and very hands on.  The audience has an opportunity to learn, handle the equipment and gain knowledge.  I have three presentations at present :
lighting behind the image 1165 x 665


A behind the scenes look at my lighting set ups for portraits and product photography, with a hands on look at the lights and modifiers I use.  You will learn how to use a variety of lighting equipment, in order to light your subjects in different, creative ways.

HDR Tec 1165 x 665


This presentation will give you an  understanding of of the different ways of creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.  We will explore how I choose scenes and settings to make the most of HDR to create great images.

Macro talk 1165 x 665


We will explore the small world of macro photography.  This will cover flowers, plants, insects and small objects how I photograph them.  It will include equipment that I use and techniques such as photo-stacking.